Past Events


Christmas Party

On Saturday 30th November, villagers from both Limpley Stoke and Freshford got together for a wonderful party in the Limpley Stoke Village Hall.  The music was provided by the Limpley Strokes and then a disco by John Adler.  

There was a delicious buffet that all guests contributed to.  The evening was a wonderful start to the Christmas activities and a huge thank you goes to Denise Barnes, Steve Best and the Limpley Creative group.

Past Events

Quiz Night

On Saturday 15th November, villagers enjoyed a very popular Quiz night in the Limpley Stoke Village Hall.  There was the added value of a delicious Pie with Mushy Peas.

George Taylor created a wonderful quiz with a range of questions about song lyrics, history, popular culture and a very clever picture round.  


Past Events


Coffee morning with the Environmental group

The newly formed Limpley Stoke Environment group recently attended the monthly coffee morning to raise awareness about what we can do as a village to help the environment.  This ranged from how to more effectively recycle to insulating our homes.  

Join us

There is a dedicated Facebook page which allows members to share and view ideas and tips.

Get in touch

For more information contact Denise Barnes.

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Past Events

Produce Swap and Coffee Morning

On a beautifully sunny Saturday morning, residents of Limpley Stoke got together for a coffee morning and produce swap.  Despite a limited amount of people, it was lovely to sit in the sunshine and chat with friends.

As well as tea and coffee, everyone was treated to the most delicious lemon drizzle cake, kindly baked by Jenny Harper and chocolate cake made by Flo Hopwood.

Someone very kindly left a huge bag of runner beans on the doorstep, so thank you so much to whoever that was.  George Taylor brought along some homemade crab apple jelly.

The next coffee morning will be on Saturday 19th October and will be an opportunity to discuss all things environmental. 

Please come along and support events that are organised for the village.  Thank you to George Taylor for organising these free coffee mornings.


Past Events


Limpley Stoke Village BBQ

On Saturday 14th September residents of Limpley Stoke enjoyed a BBQ in the King George V Park.  The sun was out and everyone enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in the company of friends and neighbours.  

The event was organised by George Taylor in her role as Events Co-ordinator for the Limpley Stoke Parish Council.

George is currently organising a programme of social events from Coffee Mornings to Quiz Nights.  Please keep an eye on the website to avoid missing out!

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Freshford and Limpley Stoke Village Fete - Saturday 8th June 2019

Thank you to everyone who supported the Freshford & Limpley Stoke Fete 2019 on Saturday 8th June. Against all odds, it remained oddly dry - taking the unbroken run of glorious weather to 147* years!

After the usual suspects pitched up at an ungodly hour to set up, the assembled masses enjoyed relaxing tunes from the wonderful Terry Hill Big Band, other-worldly refreshments from the Bar and Freshford School’s lemonade stall, and Vito’s remarkable pizza, frittata and salads. We were left astounded by displays of fearlessness from members of Warrior Academy martial arts club, endeared by a rendition of Dingle Dangle Scarecrow by the children of Freshford Preschool, and shocked by the raw enthusiasm of the infamous Tug-of-War - in which the Ladies of Limpley Stoke were amongst the notable victors!

Thanks to the Limpley Stoke Film Club, the festivities continued into the evening for the first time in history with their brilliant hosting of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” accompanied by hotdogs, ice cream and further refreshments.

It was a lovely atmosphere and we should be very proud to live in such a dynamic community.

Sincere thanks to our sponsors The Limpley Stoke Hotel - offering the parish’s only licensed bar, and Bath Stone Group - creating beautiful stone for beautiful buildings at Stoke Hill Mine. We’re very grateful for their support.

* A slight exaggeration, perhaps?


Corporal John Pike Commemoration - Thursday 6th June 2019

A small group of local people joined together at the Limpley Stoke War Memorial at 1100 on Thursday 6th June to Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day 1944 and the death of local Serviceman Corporal John Pike Royal Engineers, of Limpley Stoke who was killed on the first day of the invasion.

After a short act of remembrance and a few moments silence, Council Chairman Anthony Gennard laid a wreath to commemorate Corporal Pike. 


Visit to Limpley Stoke Mine - Saturday 2nd June 2019

Some of the village were privileged to be able to visit the Limpley Stoke mine last weekend. We were given a fabulous tour by the mine manager Matthew Hawker. Preceded by a really comprehensive safety brief, which also included some well needed humour, we were soon ready to descend into the depths. The mine is entered through a small doorway and we then proceeded down a number of steps. On getting to the bottom we were met not by a small operation but by a fabulous working mine that is evidently superbly run. We were privileged to see the mine at work and the expertise of the personnel who work there. We were treated to a proper cutting of stone and then to the amazing sight of the power of water under pressure in a pillow that is used to crack the back of the stone that has been cut - a bit like breaking off a piece of chocolate - just a lot bigger and heavier! The site of great pieces of Bath stone being taken out on the back of a trailer using a tractor was something to see and we were all hugely impressed by what we saw. The mine is a big operation and honeycombs through the hillside to a great extent – however Matthew was very keen to point out that he knows exactly where all the cuttings are and they are all expertly supported. Safety is always the first thing on his mind, both for his staff and for everybody in the village and its surroundings. We were privileged to be able to witness the expertise with which Matthew runs the mine and were all especially grateful for this opportunity. I would like to thank Matthew and his team for the time they gave us. Another tour will take place on 20th of July.


Annual Parish Meeting - Thursday 30th May 2019

The Limpley Stoke Annual Parish Meeting (APM) took place on Thursday, the 30th of May. The meeting was attended by a smaller number of villagers than normal but those that attended were updated by our Chairman Peter Wyatt, on what the Parish Council has been up to over the past year. There was also an update on Parish Council finances by our Clerk Bryony Kohn; a fascinating talk and presentation by Tom Harper on the Dark Skies Initiative and a flora and fauna update.  We also had a quick update on developments in the Hop Pole Inn from Joe Abbott and we are all looking forward to the grand opening in the next few months. 

Due to a last minute cancellation of our planned speaker who was going to talk about the local mines, Joanne Gennard an Associate Lecturer in Photography and local professional photographer took up the challenge at the last minute and presented a 30 minute talk on the History of Photography. Jo also brought along a great selection of her cameras from a 1932 box camera to a modern day DSLR. Her talk raised a number of interesting questions from the audience and she has promised to do another talk in the future. 

On completion of the talk we were able to continue to enjoy the fabulous food that had been laid on for us by our great Village Hall team and our special thanks go to Barbara, Carol, Pam, Elizabeth and Debbie who once again laid on some really wonderful canapés. We were also spoiled by a fabulous collection of ‘Naked Wine’ wines which were kindly donated by the Parish Council. 

Although the turnout was a little smaller than usual, it was still a great opportunity for members of the community to catch up and share their thoughts over a glass of wine and some great food. The Parish Council is looking forward to meeting more people throughout the year and linking up up with existing groups to put on a range of events that will entice us all to engage further in our community.