Job Vacancies

Galleries Job Vacancies

Galleries Shop and Café is the beating heart of our community but it needs some new people and fresh ideas so it can continue to flourish.

Chair of the Galleries Management Group (URGENT)
Charles Malir is stepping down from the role of Chair of the Galleries Management Group (GMG) at the end of March and we urgently need to fill this role. To reduce the workload of his successor we have recently recruited an excellent Business Manager to take over many of the administrative and financial aspects of the role. This will significantly reduce the time commitment required by the holder of the position. 

This is a strategic role managing the team of paid staff and volunteers who run the shop and café. The role involves:
- coordinating the shop and café senior management team
- overall responsibility for the Galleries shop and café
- specific responsibility for the profitability of the Galleries shop

Following the recruitment of the new Business Manager, it is expected that this position will require a time commitment of approximately 1 day per week and would suit someone with general management experience who wants to make an important difference to our community. Note that this role does not involve the day-to-day running of the shop or café and prior retail experience is not required.

If you are interested in learning more about this position, please contact Simon Coombe ( or Charles Malir (

IT Helper
We are also looking for a volunteer to help look after our IT on an occasional basis. They will be the first port of call for the managers and senior volunteers on the rare occasions when there's an issue with a PC or till in the shop or café. They would be able to perform some basic troubleshooting to identify the probable cause of the problem, fix it if it's simple or contact our external IT support consultant or the supplier of our tills if it’s more complicated.

The general skills they might have are:
Some knowledge of Microsoft Windows (all our PCs and tills are Windows based), including changing settings, adding a printer etc.
Some basic networking understanding: adding a PC to a network, wifi, broadband etc.
Some experience of Microsoft Word and Excel.

We're looking for someone who's generally around when the shop and café are open, but we have remote access to the PCs and tills so a problem doesn’t necessarily mean a trip into Galleries.

Please contact Charles Malir ( or Emily Wollacott ( if you might be able to help us.